Why offer ACT and/or SAT test preparation tutoring?

Your college application package consists of many facets, including your grades, your recommendations, your essay, and your ACT and/or SAT scores. As colleges have become more competitive, students have become increasingly interested in raising their test scores. In partnership with her mother, educational counselor Linda Rue, Dr. Eden Rue has been successful in bringing scores up by offering directed, thoughtful tutorials aimed at each particular student’s strengths. She focuses on both learning the content covered in the tests as well as learning the strategies for approaching each subject. The number and duration of tutorials varies depending upon the specific needs of each student.

Knowing Your Abilities is Important in College Admissions 

Because our natural abilities are part of our genetic makeup – or how we are hard-wired- it remains constant and stable throughout life from age 15 and beyond. Because race, socio-economic background and education do not influence natural abilities, this kind of assessment gives a much more authentic reading of a person's potential than SAT or ACT scores or grades that can be inflated. An individual’s multiple abilities can go undetected either because they have not been tested or because they have not been developed in school. Once a student’s abilities have been assessed to show that they think, for example, in three dimensions, these results can be included in the college admissions credentials to indicate an aptitude in engineering, computer science or the study of interpersonal relationships. 

Getting into highly selective colleges is never a given, even for the student with straight As and high test scores. So what really counts in making college admissions decisions? Going beyond the numbers, what do colleges look for when they evaluate candidates? The challenge for admissions staff is finding clues to predict a student’s growth potential. Colleges look for evidence of a student’s full range of abilities that can reveal insight into how a student learns information, solves problems and communicates with others. In discussing abilities testing results, Eden Rue, Ph.D. will be drawing on both her experience as a University Professor of Chemistry and on her own professional work using the Highlands Ability Battery as a foundation for college counseling. For complete educational counseling programs, please visit for more information.

The following questions are designed to help you understand how abilities can play an important role both in your personal life as well as in the college admissions process.

How does knowing if you are a “big picture” thinker or a “logical” thinker apply to the college admissions process?

How would knowing about your preference as an Introvert or an Extrovert affect the way you evaluate colleges?

Why would knowing if you could generate multiple ideas quickly, a Driving Ability called Idea Productivity, matter to an admissions dean?

Why would strengths in Design Memory, Pitch Discrimination, Observation, and Number Memory be important to a college admissions committee?

Can an ability assessment help YOU decide on a major?

Is there an additional measurement tool (other than grades or standardized test scores) that could be used in college admissions to provide a more accurate reading of a student’s potential growth?

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